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Have we reached peak Claire Danes?

For an overnight success, Claire Danes sure has been at it a long time.

The actress never quite went away -- she worked, if somewhat sporadically, in film throughout the 2000s, and she won her first Emmy for the 2010 HBO movie "Temple Grandin." But upon the launch of "Homeland" in 2011, Danes immediately became the face of one of TV's most acclaimed shows. She picked up a Golden Globe shortly after the first season ended and, months later, another Emmy.

Then came the befuddling second season, which seemed to squander much of the creative energy of the first season. The show was still fun to watch as a soap opera, but its ideas about terrorism and homeland security grew muddled as the show went down dead-end plotlines and strained credulity. No matter -- Danes won another Golden Globe and another Emmy -- her third in four years. In 2013, we have seen Danes cover stories in Elle, Interview, and Vogue, as well as a lengthy profile in The New Yorker that framed her as one of the great actresses of her generation.

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