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Harry Reid is serious about filibuster reform (this time)

The road to filibuster reform has seen a lot of false starts and broken promises, but this time it feels different. Facing a deep backlog of executive branch nominees blocked by Republicans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has his finger on the metaphorical button and is ready to push; whether by "nuclear option" or by vote, the days of the GOP's ability to filibuster Obama's executive nominees looks numbered.

Reid said today he'll move to end debate on a slate of appointees, warning Republicans that if they continue to try to block them, “we know what’s going to happen.” Democrats will meet later today and depending on the temperature in the room, Reid may decide to move ahead with a vote to change the rules or invoke the so-called nuclear option, when the majority leader overrules the parliamentarian and disregards a rule, effectively killing it. But either way, the filibuster on executive nominees could be dead by next week. "I want this resolved, one way or the other," Reid said.

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