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Harry Reid on John Boehner: “He’s a coward!”

According to a report from Politico, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid privately told fellow Senate Democrats what he really thinks of John Boehner's performance as Speaker of the House during the ongoing government shutdown.

"He's a coward!," Reid is reported to have exclaimed. The outburst was in reference to Boehner's shifting position on the so-called Obamacare exemption for Congress and staff, which Boehner quietly supported at first before he abandoned it during the lead-up to the government shutdown.

But the animosity extends beyond that particular issue, with Reid and Boehner (and their aides) feuding over the government shutdown, too. In particular, Reid contends that Boehner had earlier promised to pass a "clean" continuing resolution to fund the government, something House Republicans currently refuse to do.

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