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“Gun control reduces gun violence” and other studies that confirm the obvious

In a study published Thursday in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that states with more gun control laws, on average, experience less gun violence and fewer firearm deaths than states without similar regulations.

Now, you wouldn't be alone if your initial reaction to theses findings was, well, "no duh." But as it turns out, science that seems to state the obvious can still be vitally important stuff.

Why study the painfully self-evident? Well, for scientists, nothing is a given until it's been tested (and retested).And hard data can help to shape policy and sway public opinion. So while the recent onslaught of studies on gun control may seem like overkill, their findings are actually a critical step toward building common sense policies to help reduce violence.

In honor of the researchers from Harvard University and the Boston Children's Hospital who have told us, yet again, that regulating guns can help make people safer -- a roundup of other science that makes you say "duh."

Gun control helps reduce gun violence

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