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GOP official defends sharing article about “filthy” gays and lesbians

A member of Michigan's Republican National Committee used his Facebook page to promote an article about the "homosexual lifestyle" that states, among other things, that "homosexuals live unhealthy lifestyles, and have historically accounted for the bulk of syphilis, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, the 'gay bowel syndrome', tuberculosis and cytomegalovirus gays and lesbians" and that "many homosexual sexual encounters occur while drunk, high on drugs, or in an orgy setting."

On Thursday, Dave Agema defended sharing Dr. Frank Joseph's “Everyone Should Know These Statistics on Homosexuals” on his Facebook page, explaining in a statement to the Detroit Free Press that the article was "worth sharing given the debate over gay marriage that is happening in the Supreme Court." Agema added: “I strongly maintain my position in support of marriage between a man and a woman and I will not back down from my core beliefs in support of strengthening the family."

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