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GOP leader doubles down on anti-gay remarks

Michigan Republican National Committee leader Dave Agema continues to defend an article he shared on Facebook that suggests, among other outrageous claims, that gays and lesbians are responsible for "half the murders in major cities." Agema responded to critics of the post by saying the piece was "worth sharing given the debate over gay marriage that is happening in the Supreme Court."

Agema returned to Facebook this weekend to respond to a GOP petition calling for a more inclusive party. According to a release from Grand Traverse County Republican precinct delegate Dennis Lennox, Agema joined the thread and posted: "The real issue is the homosexual community is pushing same-sex marriage which will be taught in schools as an alternative lifestyle."

Another delegate responded: "Our point is that it is one thing to articulate your values but another to be mean about them. Virtuous decorum is symbolic of a principled man of integrity. Let’s keep the smut on the sidelines."

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