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GOP is “crazy and awful”: The Josh Barro Republicans are displeased

Named “the Loneliest Republican” by The Atlantic, Business Insider Politics Editor Josh Barro is among the most young, prominent, and caustic of the Republican writers who’ve raised alarms about the GOP approach to policy and politics on full display over the past two weeks. Barro spoke with Salon Wednesday about the congressional GOP (“crazy and awful”), conservative media (“if you don’t indulge the conservative bubble you’re going to lose the audience”), and how electoral disaster and business defections could change the party. What follows is an edited and condensed version of our conversation.

Before I ask you anything else, Josh: you get accused of being a RINO [Republican In Name Only]. Remind us of your Republican credentials.

I’ve been a Republican as long as I’ve been a voter. When I was in college, I worked on two Republican campaigns. I spent the summer interning for Grover Norquist. My policy research work before I got into the press was mostly on state and local finance, and I mostly aligned with Republican politicians. A major theme, particularly in the Northeast, is that governments are employing too many people and paying them too much. I voted for Joe Lhota in our Republican mayoral primary here in New York.

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