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GOP civil war gobbles up Iowa and Ron Paul

The civil war within the GOP has a new battleground: Iowa, where an open Senate seat, a fervent Ron Paul partisan, and a convoluted electoral process have converged to create a real mess.

The primary mover in the drama is one A.J. Spiker, a former co-chair of Ron Paul's presidential campaign in Iowa who is now running the state's Republican headquarters. What's got fellow GOPers so upset with Spiker is his recommendation to postpone the state party's nomination, which some fear will only help the state's Democrats. What's more, because the Republican primary is so wide open — with 6 candidates jockeying to top the 35 percent threshold — the delay raises the possibility that the ultimate decision will occur at the party convention, where many believe Spiker and allies will maneuver to crown a "compromise" Paulite winner.

From National Journal:

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