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Glenn Beck attacks film critic who didn’t like “Lone Survivor” — and so do the trolls

The new film "Lone Survivor" is, as Salon's Andrew O'Hehir put it, a "jingoistic, pornographic work of war propaganda." And it's evidently so beloved by Glenn Beck that the conservative pundit would attack another critic because she dared to critique it.

L.A. Weekly's Amy Nicholson wrote, late last year, that the film depicts a real story (based on the memoir of Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL who fought the Taliban in Afghanistan and played in "Lone Survivor" by Mark Wahlberg) with astounding jingoism, reducing its four military men to action-figure depth in order to communicate a story of American might devoid of thought or consequence :

"These four men were heroes. But these heroes were also men. As the film portrays them, their attitudes to the incredibly complex War on Terror, fought hillside by bloody hillside in the Afghan frontier with both U.S. and Taliban forces contributing to an unconscionably high civilian body count, were simple: Brown people bad, American people good."

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