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Gitmo detainees take force-feeding to court

Appealing to end a practice that has been deemed cruel and inhumane by the international medical community, Guantanamo Bay detainee will give testimony against force-feeding in federal court on Friday.

Lawyers with human rights group Reprieve, who represent a number of Gitmo detainees, report that there are at least 16 men still continuing a hunger strike and being brutally force-fed twice a day. The hunger strike, which began in February and at one point saw over 40 prisoners force-fed, has been declared officially over by prison officials despite the continued force-feedings. "“The U.S. authorities have, with some glee, announced the hunger strike to be over. What they fail to tell you is the horrific things they did to crush the hunger strikers’ spirits" said the detainees' lawyer Cori Crider. “Detainees at Guantanamo Bay are still being brutally and painfully force-fed twice a day. It is abhorrent that the prison authorities continue to conduct this practice which President Obama, the Commander in Chief, himself said was an affront to our nation’s values,” Crider commented.

Reprieve noted in a release about the upcoming court hearing:

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