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“Girls” recap: Meet Jessa’s dad

Lena Dunham: Fire your friends. I'm sure you love them; I'm sure they support you artistically; I'm sure they, like Hannah's companions in “Girls,” bring you equal parts joy and pain. However — these Twitter scandals are becoming the tech equivalent of Ku Klux Klan charge in 140 characters. Fellow writer Lesley Arfin's tone-deaf, ill-reasoned response to critics lamenting your lack of black characters was bad enough. But this week's silence on Lisa Lampinelli's tweet  is the worst type of pernicious neglect. You're beginning to seem like the canary in the coalmine for ironic racism — which apparently yet flourishes in the young intellectual vanguard. As an artist, you have the right, even duty, to depict this small sliver of culture. As a human, you have officially made me terrified about this sliver. Fire your friends.

Back to the show — which, in this episode, somehow seemed more nakedly painful to me than all the actually nudity in the show heretofore.

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