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“Girls” recap: “I feel like I’m in a Nancy Meyers movie”

If there's a way to win this critic's heart, it's to begin an episode by having Hannah make up a neologism that Urban Dictionary reveals already exists ("sexit"), only to have beautiful Patrick Wilson barge in to the coffeeshop where she works,. (If Patrick Wilson — here, brownstone-owner and physician Joshua — had been complaining about someone leaving dogshit on his lawn instead of employees leaving their trash in his garbage, Dunham would have hit the trifecta.)

In this episode, Hannah winds up in said brownstone after Ray, irate that his neighbor is asking him to do anything outside the realm of the door of the shop, assumes a defensive rigidity. Joshua (who, we learn later, insists on the “ua”) is not irate back, but confused. “I was hoping we could talk neighbor to neighbor,” he says, perplexed. No luck. To this grownup, they're on the same street. To Ray, they're not even in the same world.

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