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Giffords is a fighter, and NRA will be sorry

Adorable red-haired Daniel Barden will live forever, but only in photographs: the six year old with two eternally missing front teeth was murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre. So if his father Mark isn’t giving up on gun control, after losing not only his beloved son but the shameful Senate vote on background check legislation Wednesday, then nobody else is allowed to give up.

President Obama let Mark Barden introduce him before his angry Rose Garden reaction to the failure of the Manchin-Toomey compromise, and to me that signaled a new, long-term, bare-knuckled and visceral approach to the issue of guns. Barden reminded us that the motto of the gun-control group he co-founded, Newtown Promise, is, “Our hearts are broken, but our spirits are not.” That’s got to become the animating drive of a nationwide movement to fight the National Rifle Association and its allies, on every level. This defeat, however crushing and shameful, is just a beginning.

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