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The future of salmon is farming

You know farmed salmon has a bad reputation when even the neo-Nazi meth cooks on “Breaking Bad” look down on it. This week the crew looked to inferior fish to solve a product problem: drugs that were literally a pale imitation of the premium blue stuff.

“Hell, we’ll put food coloring in it,” they decide. “Like they do farm-raised salmon. I mean, Jesus, do you ever see how pink they make that crap? ... It sure as hell don’t come out the ocean looking like that.”

Eating fish responsibly can be confusing. But as even our friends on “Breaking Bad” seem to know, one of the few ironclad rules has been: avoid farmed salmon. Atlantic salmon is always farmed, and farmed fishing is, in the words of Food and Water Watch, “dirty, unsustainable and inefficient.” So don’t buy Atlantic. You don’t even need a guide to remember that, although Monterey Bay Seafood Watch says:

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