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Fox’s Bob Beckel makes a lame rape apology

Watching a bunch of Fox News commentators discuss rape is like watching Jonah Lehrer talk about journalistic ethics. It's vaguely amusing, but it's ultimately just going to make you angry and depressed. Such was the case earlier this week, on "The Five," when the network's token liberal-who-gives-liberals-a-bad-name Bob Beckel made the world's worst argument against concealed weapons — and then followed it up Thursday with a weak non-apology for a comment he made about rape.

It was a conversation about guns that sparked Beckel to travel the road of absurd logic. He started off well enough, addressing the "carry laws around a lot of states" and the issue of guns on college campuses. "If you do that," he said, "it seems to me the chances of people getting killed …" After his colleagues jumped into the fray on the subject of women and self-defense, Beckel lobbed back, "When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?" His remark earned a hearty round of "WHAAAAAA?" from the panel, and pleas that campus rape is "rampant." Beckel took his mighty rhetorical shovel and dug himself in deeper. "Rampant?" he sniffed, incredulously. "Date rape, yeah, that's one thing," he said, "but are you going to take a gun out and shoot your date?"

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