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Fox guest on Reza Aslan: If he’s “just a scholar” then “he’s not a very good Muslim”

Without missing a beat, the Fox News propaganda machine continues to pump out more garbage, defending Lauren Green's disastrous interview with religious scholar Reza Aslan on Friday.

On Friday, Aslan had to repeatedly emphasize to Green that he was qualified to write a scholarly work on Jesus because he's a religious scholar, which has nothing to do with his personal faith, Islam. "It's pretty clear that there are those who actually do not like the book, who are unhappy with its general arguments," said Aslan on Friday. "That's perfectly fine. I'm more than willing to talk about the arguments of the book itself. But I do think it's perhaps a little bit strange that rather than debating the arguments of the book we are debating the right of the scholar to actually write it."

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