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Former GOP state senator: No “evil force” is trying to destroy marriage

Four years ago, after the state's supreme court ruled a ban on gay unions was unconstitutional, Iowa became the third state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage.

Since then, the lives of average Iowans have remained pretty much the same, says Molly Tafoya, communications director for the gay advocacy group One Iowa. Which isn't the outcome many opponents had warned against. "It's, quite frankly, a disaster," Brian English, a spokesman for the Iowa Family Policy Center, said in 2009 after the court handed down its ruling.

But there are no disasters to be found, Tafoya told CNN Radio. “The sky hasn’t fallen and nothing really has changed for the day-to-day." Well, except one small thing: "I think we’re seeing a growing acceptance among Iowans, who just see this as the new normal here.”

Including among lawmakers who once staunchly opposed marriage equality. Like former state senator Jeff Angelo, who has come to understand that the heated and inflammatory rhetoric of the 2009 debate had little to do with real life, how real Iowans cared for their families and worked together in their communities:

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