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Former Gitmo prisoner: It’s like crawling with your weak body into a dark tunnel

Editor's Note: Ahmed Rachidi, a native of Morocco who has been a British resident since 1985, was held in extrajudicial detention in Guantanamo from March 2002 to May 2007, when he was released without charge. Now 47, he is the author of a memoir about his experiences in Guantanamo, called The General: The Ordinary Man Who Challenged Guantanamo, co-authored by Gillian Slovo and published in March 2013. NAM editor Sandy Close interviewed Mr. Rachidi by phone in his home in Tangier, Morocco where he lives with his wife, mother and three children.

New America Media: Why did you call your memoir "The General"?

Ahmed Rachidi: Because I was one of a limited number of prisoners at Guantanamo who spoke English, I was often forced to be an "unofficial leader" by guards and interrogators. They nicknamed me "the general."

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