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Forcing kids to say the Pledge of Allegiance is bullying and pointless

Imagine a place where young children are forced every day to declare their nationalism. Imagine a place where, if a child says he can't do it, for religious reasons, his teacher physically tries to force him to do so and says to "move out of the country." Imagine Florida.

As the Tampa Bay Times reports this week, a fourth grade teacher was suspended last month after allegedly making a 9 year-old boy, who is a Jehovah's Witness, say the Pledge. The boy told school administrators that early on September 11, his teacher Anne Daigle-McDonald took his wrist and placed it over his heart, telling him, "You are an American, and you are supposed to salute the flag." The next day, several students say that she did the same, and then told the class, "In my classroom, everyone will do the Pledge; no religion says that you can't do the Pledge. If you can't put your hand on your heart, then you need to move out of the country."

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