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Five things we know about “Guccifer”

As wenoted earlier Tuesday, the hacker known as "Guccifer" has struck again, disseminating via playful emails memos from Hillary Clinton (hacked from the email account of Sid Blumenthal). But what do we know about this political prankster?

1. "Guccifer" hits high profile targets from both sides of the isle:

The hacker first rose to prominence with an audacious hack on Bush family email accounts. It was through this hack on several accounts that Guccifer obtained the now-infamous George W. Bush self-portrait of himself in the shower.

According to the Smoking Gun, Guccifer's victim list also includes a "U.S. Senator, a senior United Nations official, security contractors in Iraq, two former FBI agents, and a Department of Defense supervisor."

Guccifer also infiltratedColin Powell’s email account and defaced his Facebook page, uploading posts including a message that read “You will burn in hell, Bush!”

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