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Fighting sexism with cross-stitch: The rise of misandry crafts

The word “cunt” has been in our lexicon for a while now, reclaimed by a host of feminist activists. I remember the first time I decreed myself a “cunt”—it was on the street following a performance of "The Vagina Monologues." My friend shushed me, but I called it out loud and proud. “I’m a cunt!” Until that point, I had only heard a man use that word. The experience was freeing.

Maybe, then, it should be no surprise that the word “misandry” has found itself a following in the pop-culture vernacular. (While misogyny is the hatred of women, misandry is the male equivalent. Or as Merriam-Webster bluntly puts it: “The hatred of men.”) Why misandry, and why now? The word is common in men's rights circles and appears to be the result of a backlash against increasingly public discussions of hate crimes against women and rampant Internet misogyny. This might sound like a sweeping statement—rampant Internet misogyny—but the truth is there is so much hate towards women on the Internet that it’s not about finding examples, it’s about narrowing down examples.

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