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“Fast N’ Loud”: A reality show for your inner child

Last night was an exciting one for me as TV critic. I discovered a new show. Sometime yesterday, while trying to decide whether to revisit "Sleepy Hollow" for the umpteenth time or do a late hit on that maudlin "Bonnie and Clyde" biopic that's been running on three networks since Sunday, I stumbled across the Discovery Channel's "Fast N' Loud." I'm not a car guy, nor do I watch nearly enough Discovery Channel, but I am hopelessly nostalgic. The description in the scroll hooked me: A wheeler-dealer friend asks for Richard's help with a 1977 Trans Am "Smokey and the Bandit" build. I had no idea who this Richard guy was, but if he was building the sleek, black hot rod Burt Reynolds a.k.a. "The Bandit" drove in that kitschy classic, my aimless couch surfing had come to end.

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