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Facebook’s social justice problem: Is nudity really worse than violence?

Maybe letting yourself become a forum for people to post videos of murders wasn't such a hot idea after all. This week, Facebook reversed its decision of just days earlier to lift its ban on a clip of a woman being beheaded.

Last May, after a series of user complaints, Facebook blocked beheading clips on the grounds they could cause psychological damage. But recently, a clip titled "Challenge: Anybody can watch this video?" that purported to depict the decapitation of a woman by a masked man in Mexico was posted – and quietly remained unchallenged by FB administration. On Monday, the BBC reported that Facebook had updated its terms and conditions to the narrow restriction of images that, in its definition, "glorify violence." In other words, if a video wasn't "glorifying," it might have redeeming value and a reason to remain. (Glorifying violence, as the BBC notes, still ranks on FB's list of no-no's alongside such incendiary acts like showing a woman's "fully exposed breast.")

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