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Facebook wants to steal your soul

The home screen of your smartphone, Mark Zuckerberg told the world on Thursday, is the "soul of your phone." Zuckerberg then proceeded to demo "Home," Facebook's bold new plan to take over the prime real estate of all Android mobile devices, everywhere.

Q.E.D: Mark Zuckerberg wants to steal your soul. I'm surprised more of the reporters who attended the great unveiling at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park, Calif., Thursday morning haven't led with this tidbit in their coverage of the event.

Or maybe, considering how many reporters were actually applauding at various stages during the presentation, the truth is that quite a few members of the tech press have already surrendered their souls to Zuckerberg. Tsk tsk.

The basics of "Home" seem slick, as best I could tell from the streaming video of Zuckerberg's presentation. Think of Home as the uber app that displaces all other apps -- the one app to rule them all! After installing Home, when you turn on your Android phone (or soon, your Android tablet) the first thing you will see is a visually striking "Cover Feed" that occupies all your screen space. The Cover Feed is a gussied-up version of the familiar old Facebook news feed, filled with whatever your friends are up to in the moment: their photos, videos, status updates.

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