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Eminem’s awkward “Saturday Night Football” interview

Live television "freaks me out a little bit," said Grammy Award-winning rapper Eminem during a painfully awkward halftime interview with ESPN at the Michigan vs. Notre Dame football game Saturday night.

Emimen, whose name is Marshall Mathers, was promoting his single "Berzerk" from upcoming album "Marshall Mathers LP 2," his eighth studio album. The song will be featured on "Saturday Night Football."

When asked, "What are you most excited about with this new album?" Mathers responded, "Um, nothing."



He elaborated only to explain that the album is a "revisit to the first Marshall Mathers LP."

Mathers then snubbed co-announcer Kirk Herbstreit, saying that if he had a fantasy announcer team he'd have Brent Musburger on it because Musberger's "a legend." If feeling left out, however, Herbstreit didn't let on, saying only, "Not quite to that standard yet."

"Right," the rapper confirmed.

Mathers concluded the interview saying, "I'm really uncomfortable right now."

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