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Eliot Spitzer’s comeback will be tougher than Weiner’s

Eliot Spitzer is back, officially. The New York Times reported yesterday that the former governor of New York will seek to become the comptroller of New York City. It is a bit of a demotion, politically, but when one is returning to politics after resigning in disgrace following a much-publicized sex scandal, one generally has to aim a bit lower than before. (With at least one current exception, which we'll get to shortly.)

Spitzer, as we all remember, was forced to resign as governor after it was revealed that had enjoyed the company of prostitutes. Before then, he was in the process of having a disastrous and dysfunctional governorship, thanks to his abrasive personality and the unflagging venality and corruption of the New York State Legislature. Spitzer was perhaps one of New York's worst governors ever. That was largely because he had no clue how to deal with the political culture of Albany, and he presumptuously thought he wouldn't have to learn. He is more at home in New York City, and in a job where he isn't expected to have to "negotiate with" or "convince" anyone else of anything in order to accomplish things.

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