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Dying to take a celebrity photo

In what immediately qualifies as the worst way to die of the new year thus far, a Los Angeles paparazzo was killed Tuesday while trying to obtain photographs … of Justin Bieber's car.

Bieber was reportedly not even in his white Ferrari when it was pulled over by California Highway Patrol for speeding — a friend of the singer was behind the wheel while Bieber was elsewhere. But the car – and Bieber's vehicular comings and goings – are familiar to local lensmen. In November, Judge Thomas Rubinson dismissed a reckless driving charge against photographer Paul Raef, who in July was involved in a high-speed freeway chase in pursuit of Bieber. At the time, Raef's frantic driving, at speeds over 80 mph, prompted several 911 calls. But Robinson ruled that a 2010 law meant to curtail that kind of potentially dangerous behavior, "in pursuit of photos for commercial gain," could conflict with legitimate First Amendment-protected newsgathering.

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