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Dudebros and millennials shouldn’t determine who gets health care!

The newest phase of Obamacare implementation started this week as the window to enroll in the new healthcare exchanges began on Monday. With few exceptions, the criticisms of the law up to this point have come from the increasingly delusional and hysterical right-wing. The right-wing’s position as the dominant critic has generated a rather boring call-and-response script. Republicans lie, exaggerate, or call the law socialism. Everyone else notes how goofy they are being. Then we do it all over again.

In reality, the law is seriously flawed, just not in the way conservatives imagine. For instance, because the Supreme Court struck down the mandatory Medicaid expansion within Obamacare, 26 states have opted out of expanding Medicaid. As a result, eight million impoverished Americans will not be eligible for any new healthcare subsidies. Included in that eight million people are two-thirds of the poor black people, two-thirds of the poor single mothers, and one-half of the the low wage workforce that presently do not have insurance. When these folks try to sign up for insurance on the new Obamacare exchanges, they will be be informed that they are too poor to receive assistance.

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