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Drone strikes lead to deadly reprisals for spies

The New York Times' Saturdayhighlighted another dark product of U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan. Local informants who aid the CIA are tracked down and slaughtered by al-Qaida militants. According to the Times:

For several years now, militant enforcers have scoured the tribal belt in search of informers who help the C.I.A. find and kill the spy agency’s jihadist quarry. The militants’ technique — often more witch hunt than investigation — follows a well-established pattern. Accused tribesmen are abducted from homes and workplaces at gunpoint and tortured. A sham religious court hears their case, usually declaring them guilty. Then they are forced to speak into a video camera.

The taped confessions, which are later distributed on CD, vary in style and content. But their endings are the same: execution by hanging, beheading or firing squad.

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