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Draft bill would make CFAA even worse

In recent months, especially in light of Aaron Swartz's suicide and Andrew 'Weev' Aurnheimer's prison sentencing, calls for reform to or disposal of the Computer Fraud and Abuses Act (CFAA) have amplified to a fever pitch. If a draft cybersecurity billfrom the House Judiciary Committee is anything to go by, however, these cries for change have fallen on deaf ears.

Asnoted here, following Swartz's death, Rep. Zoe Lofgren proposed legislation, “Aaron’s law,” which aims to stop the government bringing disproportionate charges in cases like Swartz’s. The draft cybersecurity bill circulating on Capitol Hill since last weekend, unlike Lofgren's, appears to expand the CFAA, not limit it. TechDirtcalled the proposed bill "so bad that it almost feels like the Judiciary Committee is doing it on purpose as a dig at online activists who have fought back against things like SOPA, CISPA and the CFAA."

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