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Don’t let a little poop in your colon scare you off

The long-running TV series M*A*S*Hfeatured tireless and dedicated surgeons.ER, another long-lived series, featured heroic and complicated emergency health care workers. The recently concluded sitcom 30 Rock featured Dr. Leo Spaceman.

Usually pronounced “spah-CHEH-mun” (but occasionally astronautically), Spaceman somehow practices everything from psychiatry to transplant surgery to ophthalmology to obstetrics—when a new father asks Spaceman why the just delivered baby is “covered with goop,” the doctor replies, “Because everything about this is disgusting”.

Childbirth is especially messy. But think about medicine long enough, and you'll eventually agree with Everydoc Spaceman that it's all disgusting. Which brings us to fecal transplants. Of course.

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