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Donald Trump to Michelle Malkin: “You were born stupid!”

Another day, another ten billion (eh, approximately) Twitter feuds for Donald Trump. Today's major battle comes by way of conservative commentator and Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin; it's notable only because Malkin and Trump reside (in name, at least) in the same part of the political spectrum.

Malkin provoked the attack when she dredged the past with Trump:

[embedtweet id="314802856387543043"]

[embedtweet id="314804763105558528"]

A battle ensued:

[embedtweet id="315104019880239105"]

[embedtweet id="315104436479459328"]

[embedtweet id="315158640199872514"]

Trump also tweeted back his characteristically flat insults: "At least dummy is true!" and "You were born stupid!" at Malkin.

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