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Dolls for girls, science and Legos for boys: The toy aisle is still sexist

You can't do away with sexism by doing away with sexist labeling. But it's a start. So thanks, Boots. After an embarrassing kerfuffle over what it backwardly deems gender appropriate toys, the UK drugstore chain is moving toward a more equitable display system.

Boots' enlightenment began after Twitter user Sean E. Gray posted a photo from the store, with the caption "not impressed." It revealed the store's "Girl Toy" section, featuring princess gear and mini tea sets, and the "Boy" section -- chock full of Science Museum brand kits.

As the Guardian reports, Boots initially defended the placement, saying its real estate choices were based on "customer feedback" and making the stores "easier to navigate." But in the face of mounting criticism, it has since retreated, promising on its Facebook page that "It was never our intention to stereotype certain toys. It's clear we have got this signage wrong, and we're taking immediate steps to remove it from store."

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