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Doctors vacuum a 2-foot-long clot out of man’s leg

The human body is so weird.

So we don't know how 62-year-old Todd Dunlap is feeling right now. We just can't imagine. Last month, doctors vacuumed a two-foot-long clot out of his leg veins-a first for the state of California, according to UCLA, where Dunlap was treated.

Dunlap's doctors used a device, called AngioVac, that pulls blood out of veins and removes problematic materials, such as clots and tumors, according to a description from Angiodynamics, AngioVac's maker. The device then returns the cleaned blood to the body. This is the first time California doctors have ever suctioned a clot out of someone's veins. A quick literature search found individual cases of doctors using this technique in New York, Pennsylvania and Germany; in general, it seems very new.

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