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Disturbing wedding trend: Getting married at a plantation

“12 Years a Slave,” which takes viewers into the deep interior of a plantation, may be a Golden Globe-nominated film of searing depth – but for some, it’s a wedding backdrop.

Plantation weddings aren’t anything new (and as Ani DiFranco showed, plantations can be sites for other misguided events as well). But with the popularity of Pinterest, the visual of heterosexual, primarily white couples exchanging kisses on plantation grounds is being neatly folded into the virtual “romantic” wedding aesthetic. A simple visit to the open “wedding” boards can yield a pin or two of large white columns and an extensive bridal party lined up at various plantations around the country, sandwiched between pins of classic three-tiered wedding cakes and fluffy wedding dresses on hangers.

Many of the wedding-venue plantations currently floating around Pinterest have a pronounced history of slavery – which is reduced to a mere line or two in the “history” on some websites.

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