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Discovered: Crazy clone sci-fi soap “Orphan Black”

Is BBC America’s series “Orphan Black” ingenious or idiotic, or a mad-genius fusion of the two? I’m not quite sure, but I won’t pretend this addictive blend of trashy Canadian soap – I know, that sounds like a contradiction in terms – and J.J. Abrams-knockoff identity thriller qualifies as objectively good TV by today’s standards. All I can tell you is that if you get past the implausible plot howlers and clumsy character work of the first episode, you’ll be hooked. Among other things, you’ll have seen sultry star Tatiana Maslany playing numerous identical characters and playing a character who pretends to be different people. You’ll have seen one of Maslany’s personas having steamy kitchen-table sex with a “longtime boyfriend” she’s never met before, and you’ll have seen her gay best friend and foster brother, Felix (Jordan Gavaris), wearing a thong during an awkward male-bonding moment.

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