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Disabled cruise ship with 4,200 aboard to head for US port

Tugs Resolve Pioneer and Dabhol tow and steer the Carnival Triumph cruise ship, February 12, 2013, in the Gulf of Mexico
This US Coast Guard photo shows the tugs Resolve Pioneer and Dabhol as they tow and steer the 893-foot Carnival Triumph cruise ship on February 12, 2013, in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship is enroute to Mobile, Alabama, after an engine room fire.

A cruise ship packed with 4,200 travelers was adrift in the Gulf of Mexico for a third day on Tuesday waiting to be towed into the US port of Mobile, Alabama, a company spokesman said.

None of the 3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew aboard the 272-meter (893-foot) Carnival Triumph was injured in a fire that crippled the vessel on Sunday.

It is due to be taken into port in Mobile on Thursday instead of Progreso, Mexico, Vance Gulliksen, a spokesman for Carnival Cruise Lines, told AFP.

"We have been told that there is running water in the cabins, albeit cold water, so guests are able to shower. Some toilets are operational in the public areas and some cabins," the spokesman said.

"There was a period last night that the toilets were down but technicians were able to get some of them back on line this morning," he said.

Passengers are able to dine in the poolside restaurant, he added.

"We're in constant contact with the ship and have been told that overall mood with guests is good under the circumstances and guests are making the most of the situation," Gulliksen said.

The company had said earlier that passengers will receive a full refund and transportation expenses.

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