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Did they have sex or not?

Hi me and my partner split up for 2days i found out he went to a house party and got very drunk there was a girl there 6 months pregant and they kissed alit during the house party and landed up in bed he said nothing happened as he was very sick and been sick on his clothes and had to take them off with just his boxers on she told me he got on top of her but was to force ful so she didnt do anytjing but she has changed her story twice.they was in bed from 6am untill 9am and hes saying they just slept this has been on my mind for 2 years i just want to know the truth i think there both lying could u help me please


Dear x,

Let me recap. A couple of years ago, you and your partner split up for two days. During that time he went to a house party and got drunk. There was a young woman there who was six months pregnant. Your partner and she started kissing and went somewhere where there was a bed and got on the bed. She says he got on top of her but was too forceful so she refused to do anything other than what they had already been doing. He says he had to take his clothes off because he had vomited on them. He was on top of her in his boxers because of his vomit-stained clothes, and she was six months pregnant and didn't want to do anything because he was being too forceful. So they did certain things the exact nature of which is unknown and stayed in bed together for three hours from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. That is the general situation.

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