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In defense of Weiner (kinda)

One thought came to mind when I heard the news that former congressman Anthony Weiner had once again sexted with a woman other than his wife: Why does it matter? Of course, it probably matters to Huma Abedin, the mother of his child (that is, assuming that they have an agreement of monogamy, and that their definition of monogamy includes refraining from sexting with others). But why should we care?

These new sexts allegedly took place after the New York mayoral candidate's post-scandal resignation from Congress, and continued until as recently as last summer, according to gossip site The Dirty -- and Weiner admitted in a press conference Tuesday that, "Some of these things happened before my resignation. Some of them happened after." That timing is supposed to be important, because he had already apologized for doing the exact same thing. He was supposed to be a changed man, right? Well, Weiner has at least learned to 'fess up this time around: He admitted earlier this year that there might be other sexts out there and today he confirmed that he did indeed send these new messages.

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