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Dan Savage: Homophobia’s not going away

Writing a sex advice column sounds like a fun gig, but not a stepping stone to media domination.  Dan Savage started penning "Savage Love" in the early 1990s; two decades later it and his weekly podcast still celebrate the variety of sexual experience. But he's also, in the words of journalist Mark Oppenheimer, "the first gay celebrity," one who's known as a diplomat between the gay and straight worlds, a father, a husband and a prominent critic of the religious right. Except for pornography, he's probably the biggest influence on what Americans do in the bedroom.

Savage, who just published a new book, "American Savage," spoke to Salon a few days after the Supreme Court's landmark decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act. When the history is written, the ruling may look like the most important victory of the gay rights movement. Savage described himself as "elated" but said the fight has more to achieve.

He discussed the future of homophobia, his favorite conservatives and the best way to hear less about gay people. This interview has been edited for space and clarity.

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