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Cory Booker and the muddled line between politics and tech

Less than two years after cofounding the video website #waywire, Newark mayor and New Jersey senatorial candidate Cory Booker is stepping down from its board. Booker, whose social media omnipresence and high-profile personal heroics have helped him become an online celebrity, used his star power to launch #waywire as an outlet for young people who care about what happens in their communities.

But now that Booker is headed to Washington and #waywire is down to just one of its three cofounders, what’s the future for this company—a company whose platform is still in beta? Originally founded as an alternative to mainstream media for millennials, #waywire set out to blur the lines between social media and social action. As it becomes an integral part of American political life, how is social media being commodifed for players in public policy? And is there danger in public figures controlling social media outlets for political gain?

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