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Comcast profits off of poverty

Regulatory failures and telecommunications market consolidation have left most Americans with few options when it comes to a high-speed Internet access connection at home. There is a lack of market pressure to keep prices low or encourage the investment needed to expand networks, or to upgrade them for higher speeds or better service. This has exacerbated our digital divide. And while Comcast’s highly publicized Internet Essentials program is supposed to address this problem, a deeper look shows that it is more effective as a customer acquisition program for Comcast than anything else.

The digital divide is an equity issue, an education issue, and an economic issue. Over 100 million Americans, about one-third of us, don't subscribe to fixed high-speed Internet access at home. For many, the problem is price. Internet adoption rates for American households are lower, on average, in counties with the lowest median household income and outside of urban areas. Some have no options at all: 19 million Americans (6 percent of the population) cannot buy a connection where they live at any price.

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