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College students OK with talking about “rapebait,” but not emailing about “rapebait”

A local news station interviewed Georgia Tech students about their responses to the "How to lure rapebait" email a member of the university's chapter of Phi Kappa Tau sent to his fellow fraternity brothers. The reactions were ... discouraging.

Many of the students interviewed by Atlanta's WABE considered emailing sexually aggressive and potentially dangerous advice to be a bigger problem than the advice itself.

As one student remarked, even if one thinks "luring rapebait" is a great joke, one should not emailthat great joke:

I think he intended it to be a satire of the typical frat guy and how horribly they see the idea of trying to face girls. And he’s trying to take it to the extreme of saying oh yeah this is what they think, and people saw that and realized, OK, even if you do think this is a joke, that is not something you send in an email.

And another worried that the email urging men to get women drunk in order to sleep with them will haunt the sender later in life:

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