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College sexual assault isn’t going away

Most students enter their freshman year anticipating that the next four years of college will be the best of their lives. College is a time to learn, meet new people, enjoy diverse experiences, experiment, and grow as an individual. While college can encompass all of these things, many students quickly come to realize that the idealized vision of college life conceals a darker reality.

Unfortunately, rape is a very real and prevalent issue on college campuses across the nation. One in four women experience rape or attempted rape during their college careers, and over half of these women do not speak out about their victimization, according to Campus Safety magazine. Given such daunting statistics, you might be shocked by a new report issued by Yale University, regarding how it handles sexual misconduct on campus. The report refers to rape as "nonconsensual sex," and indicates that the offense is punishable not by suspension or expulsion, but by "written reprimand."

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