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CNN’s “Crossfire” talk show CNN still doesn’t get what’s wrong with CNN

CNN would like you to know that under Jeff Zucker's leadership, they will continue being as CNN-y as possible. That's the message I'm getting from the report that the struggling cable news channel is planning to relaunch political shouting program "Crossfire" and is "in talks" with Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter. Gingrich! Finally, Lincoln-Douglas-style Crossfire.

This is at this point pretty thin. "Talks" doesn't mean much. Gingrich and Cutter might be part of a whole bench of hosts. But it does suggest that CNN is going about a Crossfire launch in just about the worst way possible. Those hoping for a smarter version of the old show will definitely be disappointed.

Stephanie Cutter has spent her entire career as a campaign flack. Her job has been, for years, to spin reporters. (This job leads to becoming a political newsmedia professional strangely often.) Regardless of her intelligence and her ability to speak extemporaneously on camera, she has never demonstrated an ability to be an interesting, independent thinker, and it is fair to predict that as a TV pundit she'd be representing "The Democratic Party" and not "liberalism."

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