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Claims that World Press Photo of the Year enhanced

According to a forensic image analyst, the winner of the 2013 World Press Photo of the Year was edited to enhance contrast -- claims that, if proven true, could strip photographer Paul Hansen of the title.

ExtremeTech, citing forensic image analyst Neal Krawetz, summed up the charge against the photographer, "Hansen took a series of photos – and then later, realizing that his most dramatically situated photo was too dark and shadowy, decided to splice a bunch of images together and apply a liberal amount of dodging (brightening) to the shadowy regions."

To be clear, there is no doubt that the incident captured by Hansen took place: "Gaza Burial" depicts a crowd of weeping  Palestinian men carrying the corpses of two young children killed by Israeli airstrikes through the streets of Gaza during Israel's Operation Pillar of Defense last November. The tears, the dead bodies, the vast anguished crowd -- none of this is in question as "faked." What's at stake is whether the image was edited beyond the limits that are considered acceptable in photojournalism.

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