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CIA, DoD had doctors torture detainees after 9/11

In a new report that makes contextualizes the torturous force-feeding of Gitmo hunger strikers, it has been revealed that under CIA and DoD orders, doctors tortured terror suspects to gain intel after 9/11.

The Taskforce on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers found that, following 9/11, medical professionals working with the military and intelligence services "designed and participated in cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment and torture of detainees."

The report, as the Guardian highlighted Monday, points the finger at the CIA and the Defense Department for requiring health professionals in their employ to oversea force-feedings, "enhanced interrogations" (read, always, as "torture"), and to forgo patient-doctor confidentiality. In every of these instances, international medical ethics codes were grossly abrogated. Via the Guardian:

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