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Chris Christie: Dimwitted dupe or demented liar?

For the time being, Chris Christie is very lucky that he effuses an authentic, gruff earnestness, and that he has allies in the national press corps who want him to succeed.

The former helped him escape an at-times incoherent press conference without revealing conspicuous malice; the latter guaranteed him a chorus of boosters more concerned with his theatrical acuity than the factual implications of his remarks.

Andrea Mitchell called it a "bravura performance."

Mark Halperin gave it a similar review while essentially admitting his assessment bore no relation to whatever the truth happens to be.

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I obviously can't claim to know how much of Christie's "Bridgegate" account was true and how much was false -- intentionally or otherwise.

But the problem for Christie -- politically, probatively, legally -- is that what we already know, combined with what he said on Thursday, means that eventually the story will settle around one of two conclusions:

1) That after two decades in politics and four in the New Jersey governor's office, Christie's no better prepared to serve than an unlikely Prince Hal surrounded by a merry band of younger Falstaffs; or

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