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Chaz Ebert announces women’s week on

Chaz Ebert, widow of beloved film critic Roger Ebert, has announced a week of sharing film writing by women on, an idea that her and her late husband were both "interested in doing" in order to explore the differences in how women and men write about and think about culture.

"This is something that Roger was also interested in doing, that we discussed several times," wrote Chaz, "particularly when we could see a difference in our own thoughts about a movie, and we could pinpoint it to gender. Men and women are just raised differently in our society and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we may think differently."

"Sometimes when I read certain movie reviews I know instinctively that a female critic could have brought something different to the party, a morsel of thought untapped by the male critic," she continued. "Of course this doesn’t happen with every movie. There is, more times than not, a critical consensus that has nothing to do with race, or gender or age. However, how do we know? Most of the reviews we read are by men, and usually of movies that are about men."

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