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CES 2013: The good, the bad and the weird

Have you noticed a spike in gadget stories on your social media feed lately? That's because it's January, the month when every tech journalist, blogger and fetishist heads to Las Vegas for a swag-filled week of ogling new toys. That's CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the event jaded tech reporters love to badmouth.

The show has long been an opportunity for giants and start-ups alike to show off the gadgets that could (and often do) change the way we communicate, eat, read, drive, sleep -- you get the idea.

Here's a rundown on some of what's coming out of CES this year.

The good:

Flexible phones

Samsung unveiled a flexible phone prototype that runs Windows Phone 8 and won't break when you drop it because you're holding coffee, car keys, a laptop and your infant child. But a possible snafu for the flexible displays is the size and rigid composition of the processing and memory technology that helps your phone run.

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